The usual point of contact for Terna and its suppliers is the "Procurement Portal", the section of the institutional website through which it is possible to learn about tenders, participate in online tenders, and go through the qualification process to be included in the Supplier Register.

The Procurement and Contracts Department also maintains direct contacts with suppliers to manage contractual relations and improve the Company’s knowledge of the specific problems of groups of suppliers. To that end, meetings are periodically organized with qualified companies or with Industrial Associations to inform them about news regarding any updates to the requirements, or points of attention related to the ethical conduct to be followed in relations with Terna.

Terna presents and discusses its main investment projects with electromechanical companies in the energy industry (mostly members of Confindustria ANIE), including the related procurement plans. The important action programme requires an even greater effort for suppliers, who are called upon to transform themselves from simple contractors into real technological partners. Terna takes an active part in key occasions for meeting with suppliers such as industry meetings, expos and conferences.

In order to expand its portfolio of suppliers, Terna constantly engages in “procurement marketing” through market scouting, benchmarking, and monitoring the performance of suppliers, which entails constantly meeting with both Italian and foreign supplier firms.