Society and local communities



Consultation with local governments

Terna's approach to local areas, which is especially important when new lines must be constructed, consists of a voluntary process of prior engagement with local institutions (regional and local administrations, Park Authorities, etc.). This process involves sharing the development needs of the National Electricity Transmission Grid (NTG) with the local institutions, a willingness to listen to the opinions of stakeholders and seeking a shared solution for locating new infrastructures and rearranging existing ones.

To facilitate acceptance of electricity infrastructures by local communities, Terna, in fact, considers it fundamental to hold discussions with local administrations as early as possible; right from the moment in which the need for a new NTG development project is recognised. In this way the conditions are created to “build” grid development together with them, thus making it more sustainable and acceptable.

The voluntary pre-authorization process, which lasts on average from one to three years, provides for various specific activities, in particular meetings to:

  • define and formalize collaboration for the sustainable development of the NTG, in keeping with the purposes of the Strategic Environmental Assessment;
  • agree on a system of criteria for analysing the local area and selecting the alternatives with the least impact;
  • apply the criteria to the local area and identify the preferential corridor in which the work is to be constructed;
  • define the feasibility band of the route within the preferential corridor and formalize the related protocols of understanding.


The voluntary stage of pre-authorization consultation is followed by the authorization process set out by law.

A summary of the activities carried out in 2012 is shown in the table below.

"Foggia - Villanova (Pescara)" power line ("Foggia - Gissi (Chieti)" segment – Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia) 380 kV about 120 km 2 Regions 2 Provinces 15 Municipalities 32
"Fano (Pesaro Urbino) - Teramo" power line 380 kV about 190 km 1 Region 1 Province 11 Municipalities 6
"Deliceto - Bisaccia" power line (Campania and Puglia) 380 kV about 35 km 2 Regions 2 Provinces 5 Municipalities 14
"Montecorvino - Avellino North - Benevento II" power line ("Avellino North - BN II" segment) 380 kV 65 km 1 Region 3 Provinces 23 Municipalities 3
Riccione – Rimini link 132 kV Project being defined. (*) Municipalities of Riccione, Rimini, Coriano 4
"S.ta Teresa - Tempio - Buddusò" power line (Sardinia) 150 kV about 95 km 1 Region 1 Province 9 Municipalities 12
"Chiaramonte Gulfi - Ciminna" power line (Sicily) 380 kV   22 Municipalities 6 Provinces 1 Region 2
Rationalization of HV grid in Umbria (Umbria) 120 kV Project being defined. 1 Region 1 Province 1 Municipality 1
Schio Station (Vicenza) - Veneto 220 kV === 1 Municipality 5
Trans-Veneto power line 380 kV   2 Provinces 9 Municipalities 1 Park 7
Rationalization in Valle Sabbia (integration) 380/220/132 kV (*) 2 Municipalities 1 Mountain Community 5
Rationalization of HV grid in the area of Potenza 380/220/150 kV (*) 1 Region 2 Provinces 11 Municipalities 8
380 kV Sorgente-Santa Caterina Villarmosa power line 380 kV   1 Region 4 Provinces 3
Rationalization in Valle D’Aosta 380/132 kV Project being defined (*) 1 Province 12-13 Municipalities 4
Rationalization in Middle Valtellina 380/220/132 kV Project being defined. 1 Province 6
Santa Barbara – Tavarnuzze – Casellina power line 380 kV 35 km 2 Municipalities 10
220 kV Partinico – Fulgatore power line 220 kV about 60 km 1 Region Province 2
Rearrangement of the Ferrara grid 380/220 kV Project being defined (*) 1 Province 1 Municipality 1
Rationalization of the Milan grid 220/132 kV Project being defined (*) 1 Municipality 1 Region 4
Rearrangement of the Sorrentine Peninsula grid 380/220/150 kV Project being defined (*) 1 Region 3 Provinces 13 Municipalities 10
Mineo/Vizzini 380/150 kV Station 380/150 kV Project being defined (*) 1 Region 1 Province 4 Municipalities 8
(*) In the case of rearrangement/rationalization this is not on a single line but a set of works, which cannot be summarised in a single measurement.