AEEG - Electricity and Gas Authority

Terna works mainly in a regulated context and the AEEG constitutes the main stakeholder: through its tariffs it determines almost all Terna's revenues with its orders, and defines the methods and conditions for carrying out the business for which Terna holds the license.

Public consultation on the Development Plan promoted by the AEEG

On the basis of Italian Legislative Decree 93/11, in 2012  the AEEG submitted the Transmission Grid Development Plan prepared by Terna to public consultation for the first time, making the results public and sending the outcome of the assessment to the Ministry of Economic Development (MED).  

During two meetings at the AEEG, attended by all the main operators and industrial associations, Terna illustrated the criteria for preparing their Development Plan, the current critical issues in grid operation, the development needs and priorities provided for in the Plan horizon, and the progress of the projects in previous Plans. The consultation also published the methodology behind the cost-benefit analyses and the results expected from implementation of the interventions included in the Plan.

To facilitate the consultation process, a form for collecting observations was made available on the Authority's website.

The approximately 250 observations received and the related responses were published on the Authority's website.