The environment, climate, and renewable energy sources

Among the topical issues to which Terna pays close attention are electro-magnetic fields, climate change, and the development of electricity production from renewable sources.

In relation to electro-magnetic fields, Terna's commitment translates above all into scrupulous observance of the provisions of Italian laws, which are among the strictest in the world. Considering the sensitivity of public opinion on the issue, Terna pays constant attention to advances in scientific research on electro-magnetic fields, in order to assess any risks connected with its work. In addition, it will continue to contribute to providing correct information regarding public opinion on the matter.

Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are one of the most significant problems at the planetary level. Terna is not obliged to reduce emissions or to be involved in emission trading schemes, nor does it see particular risks associated with climate change for its revenues (see also the paragraph on “Risk management”). Despite this, both as a sign of its sensitivity to environmental issues and in response to the growing attention to which all companies in the electricity industry are subject, Terna has already developed programmes to control and contain direct and indirect emissions, and will maintain its commitment to seeking greater energy efficiency. Terna's greatest contribution to lowering CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is development of the grid, which makes the electricity system as a whole more efficient and makes it possible to feed in growing production from renewable sources. Applied research and Smart Grid initiatives point in this direction, as does the participation in initiatives and international projects to develop an integrated Euro-Mediterranean electricity grid, and the development of accumulation systems envisaged in its Strategic Plan for the coming years.