Structure of the Report

The organization of the Report in chapters has remained the same as in the previous editions. After Terna’s profile, the Report continues to divide topics in four main sections, corresponding to the triple bottom line – economic, environmental, and social – typical of sustainability reports, preceded by the section on responsibility for electricity service, which is peculiar to Terna.

Each chapter begins with an explanation of the managerial approach to the specific area. This is followed by several thematic sections, which integrate in a single text both the precise information required by the GRI Guidelines and the in-depth analysis that Terna considers important to provide. In order to make the Report easier to read, the information regarding the GRI indicators is signalled by the appropriate marker in the margin of the text next to the relevant passages or next to the title if the entire section is considered relevant.

The Report is completed by several tables with additional numerical indicators and a glossary explaining the meaning of technical terms, specifically regarding the electricity industry. At the beginning of the "Indicator tables" section there is a table showing all the changes with respect to the additional indicators provided in the 2011 Sustainability Report, along with the appropriate explanations.