Search and selection


The search-and-selection process aims to ensure the Company the expertise it needs to achieve its objectives.

The personnel recruited from the external labour market are mainly university graduates – in particular engineers - and students with diplomas from professional secondary schools, most with an electrical specialization obtained upon concluding their studies. Once employed, the new recruits expand their knowledge and the necessary specific skills through dedicated introductory training courses.

Over time, the generational turnover the Company is experiencing, and its hiring policies, will lead to a decrease in the average age and an increase in the educational qualifications of the corporate population.


Percentage of employees 2012 2011 2010
University degree 22.2 21.6 19.2
High school diploma 46.8 46.6 46.5
Vocational school diploma 15.9 15.8 16.2
Elementary/Middle school 15.2 16.0 18.2

The process of searching for and selecting personnel is managed by the Human Resources and Organization Department, which also handles relations with schools, universities and employment agencies.

The preferred channel through which applicants are found is the Working at Terna section of the corporate website; to search for special profiles the company uses alternative channels, including announcements in newspapers or on websites. The methods and instruments used in the selection process differ based on the job profile (recent graduates, junior, middle/expert, senior), and the number of resources sought.

In line with the Company’s policy of transparency and fairness in its relations with stakeholders, at the end of the selection process Terna always informs all participating applicants of the results, whether positive or negative.

Terna is expanding its relations with the world of universities, post-graduate training, and institutional training in general, to support the process of finding new resources and to create a virtuous cycle of communication between the Company and the outside world.

In 2012, existing agreements with leading Italian universities and business schools (framework agreements valid for all faculties and masters degrees of a university, or agreements with single departments/faculties), went up from 27 to 30.

Seven masters degrees, promoted by universities, business schools or excellence centres, received a financial contribution and the chance for their students to do project work in 2012.

In addition, during the year, Terna's personnel taught university courses, masters degrees promoted by nationally recognised entities and at corporate universities sponsored by industry companies, for a total of  31 courses (for approximately 100 hours of teaching).

11 technical visits were also organized to electricity stations or to Terna's offices across Italy, 10 of which were for Universities/Masters, and 1 by a Technical Institute; a total of 450 visitors were welcomed to our locations.

In the context of the cooperative relationships defined by the agreements, 37 interns, trainees, and students writing their theses were hosted (38 in 2011, 34 in 2010); adding the 14 who completed the experience which had begun the previous year, in 2012, 51 young people were given the possibility of direct contact and training in the world of work. Some of them were subsequently admitted to selection processes and recruited.

The company participated in 13 career days (14 in 2011, 8 in 2010), confirming a clearly upward trend compared with the previous years. Finally the corporate profile was published in two of the most widely-read and distributed guides on the world of work.