Caring for children and family members



Italian law regulates the matter of maternity and parental leave, providing for general coverage, with respect to which Terna offers more favourable conditions, in application both of the National Collective Employment Contract for the electricity industry and of company agreements. The most important measures are:

  • 5 months of paid leave for maternity, paid to the mother and distributed before and after the birth. Terna guarantees 100% of normal pay compared with the 80% provided for by law;
  • 6 further months of maternity leave paid at 30%. Terna raises this amount respectively  to 45% and to 40% in the first and second month of use. The leave may be taken also by the father, within a maximum limit of 10 months for the sum of both parents' leave. If not used in the first year of the child's life, the leave can be used also later, up to the age of 8 years, but is unpaid;
  • unpaid leave (paid only in the case of serious disability), without limits on use, in the case of illness of children under the age of 4;
  • 3 days a month, or 2 hours a day, of leave to care for children or other family members, paid in the case of serious disability;
  • extraordinary leave of 2 years in the case of serious disability of children or other close relations.

The table below shows the number of employees who made use of parental leave for at least 29 days.


2012 2011
Total 25 23
- of whom women 21 18
- of whom men 4 5

Of the 23 employees who made use of the leave in 2011, 22 were still in service at the end of 2012 (96% of the total); one employee resigned in 2012. The processing of this information began with reference to 2011; information is therefore only available for 2012 on the number of employees in service 12 months after returning. However, a check on employees who left in 2011 reveals that, in the absence of dismissals, none of those who resigned and left had taken parental leave in 2010.