Participation in Associations

In keeping with the commitments taken on  in its Code of Ethics, Terna cooperates and discusses with, and supports the work of the associations to which it belongs, to contribute to the general improvement of the electricity industry and its regulations and technical standards.

Terna takes an active part in the CEI (Italian Electro-technical Committee), a body entrusted with tasks regarding the industry’s technical standards. Terna employees with technical roles often belong to professional associations whose purpose is to keep their members up to date, such as the CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques) and the AEIT (Italian Federation of Electro-technics, Electronics, Automation, Information Technology, and Telecommunications), which bring together electrical engineers and other industrial specialists.

In November 2012, Terna signed a Protocol of Understanding with the ANIE to reduce the environmental impact of activities at construction sites to respect the local land.

Since November 2011, Terna has been a member of the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI), an association of European grid operators and non-governmental organizations that promotes integration of 100% of the electricity produced by renewable sources.

During 2012, RGI produced the first European Grid Report, a collection of best practices on the subject and signed the extension of the first European Grid Declaration on Transparency and Public Participation (EGD), which expresses the need for greater transparency in the decision-making processes of the TSOs and greater involvement of European citizens, together with NGOs and Authorities, in the process of network development.

Terna is also a member of international and national associations engaged with the themes of corporate social responsibility, working actively with them to spread a culture of sustainability, and to promote its experience with a view to sharing best practices. In particular, Terna actively supports the following organizations:

IIRC – The International Integrated Reporting Council – Pilot Programme

Since 2011 Terna has taken part in the Pilot Programme launched by the IIRC, the international organisation involved in defining and testing a framework for integrating financial, environmental, social and governance information. 80 companies and organizations which are leaders at the global level (of which 7, besides Terna, are Italian) take part in the programme, which has been extended to the whole of 2013 (data at 22/01/2013 – source: 

LBG (the London Benchmarking Group) - Corporate Citizenship

After joining the LBG - the London Benchmarking Group, a British benchmarking organization which brings together more than 120 companies with a view to measuring the contributions and impacts of Corporate Community Investment, Terna adapted the monitoring tools set out by the LBG methodology to the Italian context and to its specific features for a more precise measurement of the effects (outputs) of its initiatives in the community. The 2012 reporting describes Terna's corporate giving activity over the last three years, classified according to the LBG model. For more details on activity in 2012, see the paragraph “Initiatives in the community”. 


Terna is one of the founders of the Sodalitas Foundation which, since 2008, has continued the commitment of the Association of the same name to spreading corporate sustainability and to promoting dialogue between the business and non-profit worlds. Currently, the Foundation can count on the contribution of 97 supporter companies, which generate an economic value of 30% of GDP, and 80voluntary managers (source: Sodalitas, January 2013).

During 2012 Terna supported the second edition of “Sodalitas Social Innovation”, a programme designed to help non-profit organizations finalize high-quality social business plans capable of attracting the interest of companies, with a view to creating new partnerships.

123 non-profit organizations took part in the 2012 edition with 129 projects, which were assessed by Committees made up of representatives of the Sodalitas Foundation (including Terna), the Italian Donation Institute, companies and Institutions.

Terna also took part in the work of the Workshop on employee volunteering, organized by, in addition to the Foundation itself, Ciessevi and SDA Bocconi. Workshop activities ended in November 2012 with the creation of the tool kit “Employee Volunteering: a practical guide for collaboration between profit and non-profit activities”, presented officially in January 2013 (See the box “Terna takes part in the creation of the first Italian tool kit on employee volunteering”).

Foundation for Sustainable Development

In 2011 Terna became a member of the Foundation for Sustainable Development. Its activities mainly consist of studying – from a cultural and technical point of view – the themes of sustainable development through research, seminars and meetings. Since then, it has taken an active part in the initiatives of the Foundation which in 2012, among other things, had the task of preparing and organizing the General Assembly of the Green Economy (Rimini, November 2012).

CSR Manager Network Italia

Terna supports the activity of CSR Manager NetworkItalia, the association of reference for professionals engaged with sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in their capacity as corporate managers, consultants and researchers.

The networkoffers members the possibility of comparing their experiences, identifying elements of innovation, learning about best practicesin Italy and abroad, by having an organization at their disposal that represents them in the world of public institutions, associations, and non-profit bodies, able to participate in discussions at national and international levels.

During 2012 Terna supported the joint CSR Manager Network-ISTAT project aimed at creating a link between GRI indicators, national statistics and international projects for measuring collective well-being.

"Anima per il sociale nei valori d’impresa"

Since 2010 Terna has been a member of "Anima per il sociale nei valori d'impresa", (“Soul for society in business values”), a non-profit association founded in 2001 and promoted by the Unione degli industriali e delle imprese di Roma (Rome Association of Industrialists and Businesses), which brings together managers and companies united by the desire to spread an entrepreneurial culture in their community that combines profit with the creation of well-being for said community.