Internal communication

Terna recognizes the fundamental role of internal communication in facilitating the exchange of information, creating integration, promoting teamwork, and improving processes. Internal communication is organized into two areas: that of tools – for example the corporate Intranet and the in-house publication “Terna News” – and events and special projects, with the annual We:Me convention, meetings between Top Management and Executives, and the CreativInTerna Competition. Among the initiatives in 2012, we can note:

Terna's new corporate structure

The launch of the new Group structure (April) was accompanied by a communication process aimed at all personnel. Managers were provided with materials to be used in the change, with the most important information.

Company Loyalty: celebrations for 25 and 35 years of service

In 2012, three years after the first edition, celebrations for those with 25 and 35 years of service in the company returned. The programme, which included dates in June and October, involved approximately 900 colleagues, invited together with a family member, to eight events organized in Terna's Operating Areas. All the events were attended by Chairperson Luigi Roth, the Human Resources and Organization Manager and the CEO of Terna Rete Italia, to pay homage, sometimes accompanied by managers, to colleagues who had reached this important milestone.

Fifth edition of the “CreativinTerna” internal photography and drawing competition

The new corporate framework launched in April 2012 provided the theme for the fifth edition of the “CreativInTerna” Art Competition: the employees and their children put themselves to the test on the subject "Teamwork". For the first time, at the suggestion of the employees themselves, a prize was introduced to be awarded through an on-line vote by colleagues. In five editions, CreativInTerna has accumulated almost 1,600 works, made up of photos and drawings. The winning images are reproduced in poster format and used in spaces at Terna's offices; in addition, every year the photos and drawings are used to make calendars or other objects distributed to employees at Christmas. Like past editions, CreativInTerna 2012 was again associated with a social partnership, this time the charity Intervita's “Frequenza 200” project, aimed at stopping adolescents from dropping out of school in the cities of Milan, Naples and Palermo.

We Transmit Energy: Terna for sport

In February 2012, through an initiative of the Padua Territorial Area, the first edition of SciInTerna was organized. This was a skiing competition in which more than 60 colleagues took part, together with a companion. SciInTerna will be held again in 2013.

In 2012 meetings of the Terna Running Team also continued. TRT is a corporate amateur running team that takes part in solidarity marathons such as the Komen Race for the Cure.

BiblioTerna (Terna Library)

BiblioTerna (the Terna library) was inaugurated at the headquarters in Viale Galbani: employees can donate books to be made available to everyone, thus facilitating sustainable reading. BiblioTerna, a bookshelf located inside the company cafeteria, has more than 200 books in stock. The initiative will be rolled out to other offices.