Environmental responsibility

Emissions of greenhouse gases: for the third consecutive year, the incidence of leaks compared to the installed amount of SF6 decreased, ending up at 0.59% this year.

Grid Development Plan: although indirect, the largest contribution to the fight against climate change comes from the implementation of the Grid Development Plan. Considering the Plan as a whole and its effects in terms of grid efficiency, the change in the production mix, and the connection of renewable-energy plants, the reduction in system emissions when the entire Plan has been implemented is estimated to amount to around 12.5 million tons of CO2 per year.

Connection of plants using renewable energy: in 2012 installed power reached figures of around 17,000 MW for photovoltaic and around 8,000 MW for wind energy.

WWF: during the year, Terna, WWF Italia Ricerca and Progetti and the Park Authority completed projects to restore vegetation at Bussi, near the Gole di Popoli, in the Gran Sasso National Park.

Further information

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