Economic responsibility

Economic impact: in addition to the effects implicit in the service provided to users of the electricity system, Terna’s economic impact can also be measured by its investing activities (1.2 billion euro in 2012), and its procurement expenditure (1.6 billion euro in 2012), with consequent creation of employment. In fact, the work performed by the employees of its contractors and subcontractors was equal to that of more than 1,907 full-time employees.

Dividends to shareholders: Terna confirmed its attention towards its shareholders by maintaining a dividend policy in line with that of the previous financial year .

AEEG incentives and Terna's cost for the electricity system: all the bonus/penalty plans introduced by the Electricity and Gas Authority (AEEG) to incentivize the improvement of the service led to a positive result, by increasing Terna's revenues and implicitly generating multiple positive effects for users of the electricity system. 

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