Indicator tables

The following tables include indicators that are additional to those provided for by the G3.11 “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines”, which Terna believes it is important to publish in order to describe its performance in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. In several cases, data already presented in the body of the Report are also shown for completeness.

The indicators are organized in five areas corresponding to the structure of the Report, divided in thematic sections according to the following scheme:

1. Terna’s profileCorporate Governance
Ethical Auditing
2. Responsibility for the electricity serviceGridPdfXls
3. Economic responsibilityShareholders
Providers of capital
Customers – Regulated market
4. Environmental responsibilityEnvironmental performancePdfXls
5. Social responsibilityNumber and composition of employees
Employee satisfaction and development
Relations with labor unions

For each indicator the tables show:

  • the unit of measurement;
  • the figures for 2012, 2011 and 2010;
  • if it is significant, the absolute change between 2011 and 2012;
  • if it is significant, the percentage change between 2011 and 2012.

Data is usually calculated as of December 31 and flow indicators regard the entire year.

To facilitate reading the indicators, the following table shows the units of measurement in which they are expressed.
See also the table of acronyms and the glossary after the indicators.


# Category
% Percentage
€/000 Thousand euro
€/Mln Million euro
GWh/year Gigawatt hours per year
H Hours
Kg Kilograms
Km Kilometers
Min Minutes
MW Megawatt
MWh Megawatt hours
no. Number
Ton Tons
Y Years